A strange issue with states and triggers

Hi All,

I am creating a slide i have added 9 buttons to it in a button set. the trigger is set in 2 manners to show a layer called "Pulse Control" once the circle enters the slide. I actually want to show pulse control layer but its not working.

If i add a trigger to show layer "pulse control" or "Move object" When "state" changes to visited for 9 buttons nothing happens. However if i do it for 1 button this works perfectly fine and the layer shows.

you can see screenshots below

single buttonall buttonsno circle

I have tried changing layers and slide states and this happening for the first time.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anuj,

Any chance you could share this slide in a .story file for us to take a look at how you have this set up?

My first thought is that the states are changing when the user is on another slide or layer, which may not trigger the circle. I would try to set the trigger for when the timeline starts if that's the case and the states of all the objects are x. Again, first thought without seeing your file - as it may not even be applicable :)