A zoom region that only zooms out

Sep 10, 2012

Hi Everybody,

I am curently building a training sim where I need to zoom out to show the whole screen (to display multiple threads being opened) but because I have made this using a number of screen captures I only want the zoom out happening not the zoom in.

Usually I get around this by making the zoom start at the very start of the slide and therefore it doesn't zoom in as it starts already zoomed in. In this case I am using a seekbar for navigation and  so I can't break it over a number of slides (and keep one seekbar <-- they really have to fix that in an update!) and I was hoping someone knows how to adjust the zoom region so it doesn't zoom in it just snaps to being zoomed in. I would have thought this would be like setting animations or transition like it is in other programs, it seems like a really obvious feature to have but I can't see where to do it.


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Bruce Graham

Hi James,

Do not think that can be done at the moment.

Agree having Start Zoomed In/Start Zoomed Out settings would be useful, as well as the ability to "magnify" rather then Zoom at the prescribed dimensions - which mean in many cases (IMHO) it cannot be used dynamically to focus in on specific areas, as bits of other areas show too.


James Brandwood

I know this is the first release of Storyline and there are always going to be problems with new software, but things like this and not having more control over the player controls (particularly not being able to remove the seekbar from the pause and play buttons) seem like such glaringly obvious oversights that it is hard not to get frustrated and wonder just how such an obvious feature wasn't noticed in development.

Don't get me wrong, I really like this software but sometimes it is unncessarily hard/limiting and I really hope they do updates for some of the more annoying faults rather than waiting for Storyline 2.0.

Peter Anderson

Thanks for the feedback, James. As you know, the very best way to reach our development team in hopes of seeing your ideas implemented, is through our feature request option. Our dev team reads every request that comes through, and often times that is what they use to determine what to include in future builds. Please feel welcome to share as many ideas as you wish. Thanks again!

James Brandwood

You got to admit that is kind of funny.

I have logged quite a few feature requests as I have bumped into things I thought could use tweaking - and I must say I have come across very few actual faults, mostly things where you think "I wish I could just do that one extra thing here".

I will log this one too and hopefully some of these are dealt with as updates but I can see most of them being changes to programming and I guess we will have to wait for the next release.

Thanks for your replies guys.

James Brandwood

Oh I should mention, I got around this problem by re-doing all the screen captures at the larger screen size (I do tutorial screen captures in a number of small parts to help with editing) . This meant I could start zoomed in and then zoomed out for the 10 or so seconds I needed to show the whole screen and then zoomed back in, spending the rest of the tutorial zoomed in.

It's not ideal because the file size will be bugger than it should be and working in a zoom region is annoying when it comes to layers and resizing your player controls and fonts and things but I sped it up by working at a specific ratio. I always find this saves a lot of time and the fact that the zoom region holds the aspect ratio of the presentation makes this easier.

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