Ability to modify Player Functionality with Variables?

I will submit a feature request, because I don't believe this is possible with this iteration of Storyline, but I would love to be able to modify additional Player functionality based upon variables.

Specifically, to set up the player with no seekbar and no search menu feature the first time a user visits an assigned course in which they must completely view and interact with each slide, in order, in it's entirety, and pass a quiz.

Upon successful completion, the search function and seekbar would be made available in order to allow the flexibility to make the contents a valuable source of review and reference.

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Janet Cecchettini

That's what I thought, and I have submitted a feature request. 

I have created custom buttons for Next and Previous, but I can't wrap my head around the possibility of creating a custom SEEK bar, which is what I really want to use the variables for......

Any e-Learning Hero's attempted such a thing?


Hello Steve;

I inserted a video to my training. I need to add a button which backwards the video 5 seconds whenever it is clicked. Is there any way to get currentTime property of the video or the seekbar (since video starts with timeline) and change its value (currentTime = currentTime -5) and override it to video's or seekbar's time?

Thanks for your help!