Ability to Peer Review?

Does Storyline currently have a peer review feature? Example: I create a lesson and publish it with the CD option. It goes out to peers to review the structure, design, and content. Is there a way for those individuals to add comments on specific slides instead of taking screenshots, dropping them into Word, and emailing them back? Kind of like Track Changes in Word. Thanks!!

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Chris Fletcher

Another little trick I sometimes use If someone is reviewing the text in eLearning is to expot it for translation.

That creates a word doc with a table, and if you change the text in the table on the right, then import the word doc back in, it would update the text changes you've made.

It doesn't allow you to look at the images/videos etc. or the flow of the course, but it would allow you to make updates to your text quickly. Then all you have to do is go back through the course, slide by slide and do the typesetting to make sure it all displays ok.