Ability to Review *and* Retry a Drag and Drop


This seems like a very basic functionality, so I feel like I'm missing something. I have a simple Storyline quiz with a drag and drop slide. It's followed by a Review Slide, using the Storyline template. This template comes with Review Slide and Retry Slide buttons. Here's my issue:

If I set the DnD properties to "Resume Saved State" or "Automatically Decide", reviewing the quiz works great (items are where the student put them), but when they *RETRY* - nothing can move.

If I set the DnD properties to "Reset to Initial State", reviewing the quiz is pointless (all drag items reset), but they *CAN* now retry it.

I need to be able to do both. What am I missing?



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Nicole Legault

Hey Josh! Thanks for joining the community, welcome to the forum! When using the Storyline quiz slide with the default results slide, the "review slide" and "retry slide" button should both function by default. Just leave the properties on the DnD slide base layer to "Automatically Decide" and make sure the correct Results slide is selected.

I've also attached a sample .story file with a drag and drop quiz, and results slide with "review quiz" and "retry quiz" functioning properly. Hope this helps! =)

Josh Willi

Hi all. My apologies, I left out the most important part of this and what took me a while to notice was broken. The template DnD and Review/Retry DO work, both in the Storyline authoring environment and with Flash. However, for this specific project, Flash is not supported and I'm therefore launching the story_html5.html file directly. In this HTML5 implementation, the functionality breaks.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Josh! I was not able to re-create the issue that you are stating you are having, so it must be something on the computer that you are using.  I went ahead and filed a case on your behalf so that support could work with you and you should be hearing from them soon.  I am going to follow along in the progress as well (case #00347630).

Thanks so much and have a great day!

Zsuzsanna Szugyi

Hi Alyssa, thanks for the quick reply. I am using 360, but have a similar problem. I let the students go back to the previous questions and change their answers as they complete the quiz. If I set slide properties to "reset to initial state", they can go back and change their answers just fine, but review doesn't work (which makes sense). However, if I set it to "resume saved state", then the freeform DnD and Pick One (possibly Pick Many, I just don't have that in my quiz at the moment) answers cannot be changed when returned to that slide. I would try to circumvent the Pick One issue by resetting the choice objects to normal state when students return to that slide, but with the freeform DnD I have no idea for a fix.

Zsuzsanna Szugyi

Yeah, I would have assumed so - however, for some reason, it is still perfectly tracking the scores, shows the review slides right, and it seems like there is no problem with the reporting, either. I removed all individual slide submissions, but kept the "submit results" on start of the results slide - can that be the reason it works?

Edit: Found this to explain what I did: https://community.articulate.com/articles/submitting-answers-all-at-once