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Sep 01, 2012

Hello everyone!

I have noticed that the fill in the blank exercises for Storyline do not allow for accents. As I am a French teacher, this is a big deal. I have included a sample exercise whereby I entered two answers for the question. The first answer, which uses the correct accents, always verifies the answers as "Incorrect". However, when I change the answer and leave out the accents, the program verifies the answer as "Correct". I have read about unicode fonts from another post, but as this is a Fill in the blank exercise, there is no way to change the fonts.

Am I correct in my assessment? If so, is this fixable? Should I submit a case about this?

Thank you so much everyone!


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Avery William

Hi Peter,

I sent in a report last night and I was told to change the fonts. I tried Arial Unicode MS and a bunch of others in the Edit Fill in the Blank  pop up, the slide and the player. No avail. So I emailed the Customer Service Engineer back with some more details as to the exact problem. 

Is this something that you can solve in the short term? Is this something that I will have to wait for an upgrade to get fixed? If so, that might be problematic as my students are ready to go for these exercises. And I just paid for the software!

Thank you very much for your help. 


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