Acceptable Answers Trigger Issue-Text Entry

I am trying to create a quiz slide in Text Entry form with two acceptable answers. My triggers are set up such that if there are less than two attempts and the response is incorrect, the user gets to try again. If the attempt count is equal to 2 then the user receives the feedback response that the questions is incorrect, they are given the correct answer, and they move on. However, when I set the trigger conditions so that the text entry is equal to the first correct response OR the other correct response, I only get the incorrect  feedback. In other words, I can't figure out how to set up the triggers to allow for both acceptable answers. Anyone have any advice?



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Hi Rebecca,

That's what I had initially done. However, when I had both conditions in there (as you do above) I was consistently registering an incorrect answer. I had this type of trigger for correct, incorrect, and try again feedback though the incorrect and try again triggers also contained a condition for attempt count. I'm therefore not sure where my error is or if I'm missing something