Accepting Blank data entry fields

Oct 26, 2016


We have a slide containing multiple data entry fields for text entry answers  for multiple questions on the same slide. Each data entry field is referenced to a separate individual quiz short answer slide, so that we can run the quiz slides in the background at the end of the section and submit the answers together. We did this to get around having more than one question per page.

It works great except when someone does not enter any value in a particular data entry field, then it stops during submission at the respective quiz slide for the blank field and pops up the invalid answer box. At that point the whole thing stops because there is no way to go back and enter an answer on the original slide, nor do we want that to happen.

What we want is for a blank entry field to be accepted as an answer, so we just get a report showing they didn't answer that question.

How do we do that?


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Dave Cox

Hi Matthew

Joanne is correct. Storyline translates a blank answer on a question slide as not answered.

An easy way to fix this could be to add a default answer into your variables. For example, you could place the word "null", since that is not likely to be an answer you would see.

You can also add a trigger for each variable. If the user's answer is blank update the question's answer to "null". If the user's answer is not blank, the update the question's answer to the student's answer.

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