Accesibility Questions

Feb 05, 2020

I am working on an accessibility course in Storyline 3 and have a few issues that I am having issues on.

1- Is there a was to customize the Player tab options? For example I can customize the slide tab elements, but when I go to the player options it goes to the previous button and then the Next button is there a way to make the Next button first?

2- Is there a way to have CC button active on start of the course? I have to tab through the whole slide and get to the player options to turn it on.

3- When I tab through a slide and keep tabbing it throws the order all over the place even when you have customized the tab order.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Scott!

I'm happy to help! The first two questions you have regarding the navigation buttons and closed caption settings can be changed in customizing the Player!  

If you wanted to create your own navigation buttons, an easy fix would be to customize the Slide Masters. Here's an example!

Lastly, do you mind sharing a quick screen recording of how the course behaves when tabbing through? 

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