Accesing in two times to SCORM course , complete status fails


I have a course so long... (over 150 slides).. and I have 3 quiz inside  with 3 result slides. At the end of course I have a results slide ready to be tracked by SCORM.

When I deploy SCORM packacge (same effect on Moodle, SumTotal, ScormCloud,...) if I do it at once, LMS retrieves correct status as Passed (Passed/Incomplete is status to be send from SCORM).. But if I try to do a part of course , including , i.e., 1 quiz of 3... exiting from course, and back again to complete it, LMS never gets Completed or Passed status (requirements are OK: results slide tracked shows good scores to pass course.).

Why status isn't passed to LMS if a try to complete accesing more than one time??

Any help will be so appreciated!!... (It's struggling meee!) :

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pere and welcome to the community!

Thank you very much for providing a great description of the issue. It also helps to know that you've already tested in SCORM Cloud as well.

I wonder if it may be an issue with SCORM resume limitations. 

Take a look at this article:

Articulate Support - Exceeding SCORM Suspend Data Limits

 I think that the size reduction may help quite a bit, especially since you mentioned the course is quite long.

Try the suggestions in that article and let me know if you see any improvement.


Pere  Martin


I'm not sure at all.... When I resume activity from LMS, answers are still stored..and results slide at the end of activity reflects all scores of 3 quizzes (1 of them answered before resume activiy..and other two at this moment... ). Despite ending results slide show quizzes score correctly, when we exit from activity, LMS doesn't receive status complete.. (but scoring is stored into LMS..)

So, I'm not sure if limit of suspend data could be the problem.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Pere,

Thanks for getting back to me!

Have you had the chance to install Update 5? We just released this yesterday, and I'm curious if this would help with the trouble you're having. 

Articulate Storyline Update 5 is now available. It includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and HTML5 output enhancements. Click here for details:
Try publishing again after installing the update and upload to your LMS or SCORM Cloud. Do you see an improvement?
I believe there were some issues similar to this that have been resolved with that update. I'm hoping that this will solve the problem. If not, however, please let me know.
Thank you!