access the results of a drag and drop quiz (freeform)

hey folks,

i have a freeform created drag and drop quiz. this is in the middle of a larger quiz that I've created using pictures and variable assignments. So throughout my quiz I have triggers and variables that cumulatively assign a score to a "total percent" and "total points" variables. 

My issues is that smack in the middle I have to use the freeform quiz maker to do drag and drop for one of my slides. I need to have that if they achieve 100 or 0 percent (which is that damn limitation of storyline) it will allow a writing to my two variables. I can't adjust a variable of my own based on one of the quiz's outcome as it's not created nor accessible in the popup window.

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james lavis

ok I found a cheesy workaround. I have two results slides that once you complete the quiz, it'll direct you to either one of them. On the loading of the pass slide, I attribute the correct values to my variables. I don't do this for the fail slide. I wish we could access these values from the drop down menus with the "adjust variable" option.