Accessibility and Articulate 360

Hello friends, as an Storyline 360 designer for a state education agency I find that I am sorely lacking in accessibility design skills.  I have read through the information available on the Articulate website, and skimmed info and courses available through WebAIM (recommended link).

I am seeking a course--actual or virtual--through which I can develop skills around general accessibility principles and process, as well as more advanced, software-specific (Storyline 360) skills.

What do you know about? What can you recommend?

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Bob O'Donnell

That's a really great idea. We have some Storyline  "cheat sheets" we could probably share with you. I keep saying we should do a screener covering 508.

First thing I would recommend is downloading and looking at the document Fiona Macelli created, found in this post as it has some good 508 info in it:

DHS provides a certification course to be certified as a "Trusted Tester" for the government. Its pretty detailed. One of our people got certified and he tests our client's Storyline courses. I'm not sure you want to go to that extent, its about 40 hours of training.

This may help if you haven't already been there:

Good luck!