Accessibility and Feedback

Mar 21, 2013

I'm wondering how screen readers and Storyline can work together during an interaction.

Say I have a feedback box appear on the screen as soon as the user clicks a button. For those of us with sight, the change is announced visually. Is there a way to tell blind users that some new text appeared on the screen? Do they have to be told to tab over to the new text box or does it just start reading automatically?

I appreciate any experience and insights you all have on this.

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Mike Enders


I'm guessing it's going to depend upon the design.  The other day I was working with an accessibility expert who was using JAWS to review a demo I was creating.  We were going through a quiz and JAWS worked beautifully with it.  When the feedback layer popped up, JAWS tabbed right to it.  But this is because of some design decisions we had made.  I've found that much of 508 compliant design is dependent upon the course author.  A tool can make a course "accessible", but "usable" is another facet that many don't consider.

As a first step, I would suggest this.  Create your slide with the pop up(s) and click preview.  Now, use the Tab key (to move through the items) and Return key (in the place of mouse click) to navigate through the slide.  The tab key will show a yellow box around the active item in Storyline (this is what a screen reader would be focused on).  Test to see where SL tabs to when the pop up appears. This will give you a sense for the flow of your slide.


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