Accessibility and Language

  1. What is the best practice in terms of creating accessible module in SL2? Do you have any sample files to share?
  2. What is the best practice of creating a multilingual module? How to export files for translation? How to import the translations back to the storyline file?
  3. How does the reporting work if I have multiple assessment questions created in the storyline file? E.g. RPL (recognition of prior learning) assessment, with multilingual assessments? Do you have any sample files to share?
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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sangeeta -- Thanks for reaching out! I wanted to stop in and share the following general resources on creating accessible modules in SL2:

Have you had a chance to check out this article on Translating Courses in SL2? 

And if you were hoping to make more than one language option available in a course, perhaps you'd like to review the following discussions:

Hopefully that info is helpful and some others in the community are able to chime in with some additional ideas and insights. :)