Accessibility checker specifically for Storyline/eLearning courses

Hello eLearning Community!

Is there an accessibility checker made specifically to test Storyline/eLearning courses? I've tried Accessibility Insights and WAVE but it seems those were made to test a normal website. A Storyline output is an HTML5 file but it is a self-contained product, not a website. 


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Linda Vadura

Hello. Is an Accessibility Checker for e-learning content, especially Storyline, in the pipeline? Even if it were very basic, it just needs to show the content developer if what they are doing is going to be accessible to people with varying disabilities. The list of tools in a previous post is mostly for web pages. This has become a real need for many educational institutions that are presenting more courses on line. Thanks.



Katie Riggio

Hi Linda!

Thank you for checking in. That's a great conversation to have!

We don't have an Accessibility Checker that we support at this time, but I recommend starting with the resources below. They cover important design considerations and discuss key Storyline 360 features for creating accessible courses:

Also, Storyline 360 courses work with JAWS 16 and later, NVDA, VoiceOver, and TalkBack.

Let me know if that helps. I'm happy to discuss further!

Linda Vadura


I have read some of the Articulate resources and others.

Using a screen reader is excruciating to hear even if all the tabs are in the proper order. After one week, we are going with Plan B: Typing slide information into a Word document then cutting and pasting each slide's description into the associated slide.

The Tab Order procedures does help with people unable to use a mouse because they can "tab" to navigate and "enter or space bar" to activate the button (if there is a button).

This approach is acceptable to our disability resource group for a mandatory training that has to go live next week.

Maybe Articulate can work with Java and other screen readers to improve the experience for non-sighted people.

I appreciate the suggestions. They have helped.

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