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I'm building a course in Articulate Storyline 360 and publishing that in HTML5 only output. I would like to customize the course further in terms of accessibility standards. Can anyone provide some clarification if the below points can be met in Storyline 360:

  1. Pressing 'B' in the keyboard to find & read the buttons on the page
  2. JAWS reader to announce when Menu or Notes tab activates or change occurs
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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ravinder, 

For # 1 - that'd be a custom setting to have the B key trigger to a particular button on the screen. I'll leave that in the hands of the community who are experts at designing for accessibility. 

For #2, if you use the Tab key, you'll be able to cycle through items on the slide and in the player (such as the menu or notes). To activate it (like open a Notes tab) the user will press the enter key or spacebar. 

I'd also suggest reaching out in the Building Better Courses side of ELH and see if there is anyone who can help! That side tends to focus more on design and how to and may have other folks working on accessibility components! 

Ravinder Kumar

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the quick response!

For #2, you are right. The JAWS reader announces the focused state (like for Notes tab it says '"Notes tab to activate tap page press SPACEBAR").

However, we also wanted JAWS to read the activated state of Notes/Menu tab (like when we press SPACEBAR, it should say Notes/Menu tab selected).

Please let me know if this can be possible within Storyline 360.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all!

Great news!  We just released another update for Articulate 360, and included a few important fixes and new features that you'll see in the release notes here. 

The item you'll be interested in is how we fixed the issue when moving through the Menu Bar list of slides (Left-navigation bar), that JAWS did not announce all section/subsection

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for each application. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly. 

Katie Riggio

Hey, Ravinder!

I wanted to circle back here to let you know that we released another update for Articulate 360 ☺️ This update includes a fix for the issues where JAWS screen readers would not announce the active player tab and the keyboard navigation would not work with web videos.

You can take advantage of this fix by updating your software to the latest version as Ashley mentioned above. Let us know if you have any questions!