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I was able to get a second computer from work, to test the new version of Storyline 360. We are still using a very old version because we can control accessibility better, and make it work.

I tested the newest version and the accessibility doesn't work. When I tab to items, it reads only the title, and then it goes to any button I might have on the screen. It skips the content completely. I enabled accessibility text, I tabbed, clicked Enter, page up and down, space, but to avail. When I click the content on the slide with the mouse though, it reads it.

I will check the set up for my NVDA, but if anyone has any idea what is happening, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks :)




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Ren Gomez

Hi Robi,

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you've set up a course for a tab-key-focused accessibility experience.

Since January of last year, we've had several significant changes focused on making the course player and slide content more accessible by standardizing the user experience so it’s more in line with other web experiences.

This article covers a brief before and after to help you understand some of the changes we've made. But I also want to share a few resources with you that will get you up to speed on all things Accessibility.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with further questions after reviewing these helpful tips!