Accessibility in a Specific Hotspot Interaction

Nov 04, 2020

Hello Articulate Community!

I am working on a current project to train on a new technology platform and am thinking of incorporating a Storyline hotspot interactive. There was a concern for how accessibility would work given that the learner ideally would be clicking on a specific area of a screenshot and receive feedback - for example, they need to click on the dashboard icon to access their dashboard.

How would that interactive work with accessibility? 


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Lindsay Piché

Hi Calen,

Hotspots in Storyline 360 are keyboard accessible.  A user can navigate to them without a mouse and they appear in the "Focus Order" menu.  

I do a lot of work with accessibility in my courses, and we don't use Hotspots regularly, but they would work in the scenario you provided.  If I was using them in a course, I might set it up so that there are a few "wrong" hotspots that have feedback and then one right hotspot.  If there's only one hotspot, it makes it pretty simple to figure out what to select if you're navigating with a keyboard (there would only be one thing to navigate to!)

I hope this helps!


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