Accessibility in Menu

We are building a course with accessibility requirements and we cannot get the tab feature to work in the Course Menu so a learner can go to the menu and advance to a particular topic within the menu. The menu highlights and opens using the tab and enter keys, but when we tab to a topic, it does not highlight but turns grey and will not allow for us to hit the enter key and advance.

Please help!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Patrick and welcome to Heroes!

Are you using the built in Storyline menu from the player? If so, I believe when you say topic you're referring to the scene titles? You won't be able to open those, as they're just headers for the scenes and slides within them. You'd need to open a specific slide within the topic using the tab and enter key (or space bar).

If I'm not understanding your set up and what's occurring could you share a bit more information here with us?

Patrick Marchand

Yes we are using the built in menu in Storyline. An yes the topics that I am referencing are the screen titles. What is confusing is that you can click on those scenes and advance to that scene in the menu drop down but the tab functionality is not available.

So if we have a simple 10 slide lesson that functionality is not available?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

I just wanted to point out that the spacebar is used a lot in accessibility. For example, In Microsoft Word, lets say you wanted to change Line spacing using the keyboard:

Alt+H activates the Home tab
PG activates the Paragraph dialog box
Tab 9 times to get to the Underline style drop-down
Spacebar (or down arrow) to open the Line Spacing drop-down
Arrow down to select the line spacing
Tab to close the drop-down
Tab to OK to make it active
Press Enter