Accessibility in Storyline 360


I'm trying to produce a Storyline 360 Scorm  for visual-impaired people. I did a test with Jaws and heard that the screen reader intercepts “slide [slide name] main region, slide [slide name]” and “end slide [slide name], main region [slide name]” at the beginning and at the end of each slide of the course. Is it possible to delete this reading? It confuses the visual-impaired learner.

Thanks in advance

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Maria!

There isn't an option to delete what a screen reader announces. Is JAWS accurately announcing when the focus is at the beginning and end of the slide? If not, I can definitely see where that would be confusing! If you'd like us to test your project on our end, you can attach the .story file to this public discussion or upload it privately in a support case.