Accessibility in Storyline 360, rounding up the whole thing

Jan 25, 2021

In hopes to make sure we know everything about accessibility, here's what I found:

  • The Classic player supports both the keyboard shortcuts and the accessible text. It does not support the zoom to fit.
  • The Modern player supports the keyboard shortcuts, the accessible text AND the zoom to fit.
  • The zoom... doesn't completely zoom the slide to the very edges of the player, but when the sidebar is opened, the slide resizes itself to the edges.
  • The zoom, the text and captions can all be toggled with a trigger.
  • The shortcuts cannot be toggled with a trigger. I do hope that this will be added eventually.
  • The zoom cannot be toggled for tablets and phones.
  • The Closed Captions option... is still separated from the accessibility option. I hope that the buttons will be merged at some point.
  • The Closed Captions option... is dependant of the entire player's font size, type and color. I do hope, again, that these will be separated in order to make it customizable according to the course's design, like having all those settings IN the caption settings.
  • The Review tool... doesn't have options to toggle the accessiblity according to readers and such. I don't know, but if you can already check to display your course on PC, phones and tablets, I feel like having options for readers with the accessible text would be an essential tool.

This should discussed here as well: what do you guys use to check the accessibility on your recent courses? Do you use actual readers, Chrome extensions or the likes?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jean-Christophe!

Thank you for sharing this! I'm happy to share our plans on these features as well.

Zoom to Fit is available with the Modern Player. We don't currently have plans to add this feature to the Classic Player.

Modern player zoom allows learners to take control of how the content scales in desktop browsers so they can zoom in as much as they want. The Player Text enlarges with the slide content. Here's what it looks like. If you see that content is missing on the sides, would you mind sharing a quick screen recording of the behavior?

We don't currently offer a way to trigger the shortcuts.

The Modern player has always supported pinch-to-zoom features on mobile devices, and the classic player supports zooming content on all devices. The only scenario where Storyline 360 had a gap in zoom support was the modern player on desktop computers. We added modern player zoom to fill that gap.

We are currently tracking this request to offer ways to customize captions. I'll add your comments to our report.

Lastly, Review 360 isn't an accessibility tool. We don't have any current plans to share.

I'm eager to see what tools community members use!