Accessibility issue

May 31, 2022

Screen reader(JAWS) reads base layer text every time whenever we jumps to next layer. It should read only layer text when we jumps to layer. It was working perfectly when it was published in version 3.62 but as we updated to the version to 3.64 we stared facing this issue. Request you to please suggest solution.

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Joe Tansengco

Hi Somnath!

Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue. What you are encountering is similar to a bug we are tracking and working on where a screenreader continues to read the texts on the base layer after returning from a layer.

If the issue wasn't present in Update 62 for you, you can downgrade your installation to a previous version as a temporary workaround. 

I've also linked this community post to the bug so that you will receive updates should there be any news on this issue. We've very sorry for any inconvenience this bug may have caused.