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Sep 30, 2019

I have searched and cannot find this exact issue. If there is a discussion of it, please point me to it. I am trying to make a keyboard accessible version of an image of the Library of Congress main reading room that features markers that you can select to learn more about the features in the room. The marker labels would feature images (photos and a floor map) inside that can be zoomed. Of course it works with a mouse, but when I try to use the tab key to access the markers and the images within the marker labels, the images do not zoom. I'd also like to embed URLs in the marker labels if that is possible, as well. If I have to do this as a button, instead, with states or layers, I can do that. I just need to know how to do it so that it is ALL accessible via the tab key. Any guidance is much appreciated!



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Miriam!

I'm glad you came to the community for guidance! We are happy to help!

You can add a URL to a marker by hyperlinking the text, and the trigger wizard will open up automatically. 

Now onto images! There isn't an option to add alt text to an image in a marker. You'll want to add that alternate text to the actual marker. Secondly, I'd suggest adding a zoom region to the image if you're going to make it more visible to the user. You'll see the zoom region button in the Picture Format tab when clicking on an image. 

Miriam Larson

Thanks Lauren. The issue was not how to add a URL or image alt text or zooming per se, it was how to do it in a way that it was accessible via the keyboard tab key. I have attached my file. If you will publish it to LMS and then attempt to USE THE TAB KEY ONLY to attempt to activate the marker, open the URL and open and zoom an image, you will see that it will NOT work. I am wondering how to accomplish those tasks with JUST using the tab key (as would someone who could not use a mouse).

thanks -


Lauren Connelly

Hi Miriam!

I really appreciate you taking the time to clarify that, and share your file.

You can see here where I tested your file. You're right the zoom regions aren't accessible with the TAB key. I'm going to share this with our team and submit a feature request on your behalf. 

Secondly, the tab order is by paragraph. There are two ways of doing this. First, you can add a trigger that says "Jump to URL when user presses tab". This would open the web page automatically.

Second, you could add a trigger that says "Jump to URL when the timeline reaches (time)".

Please let me know if I can clarify anything!

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