Accessibility Question: How can I create a group label for radio buttons in freeform quiz?

I'm stumped by some feedback we got from our client's 508 accessibility reviewer and hoping someone here can help. For each of our many quizzes, they've written something along the lines of, "Each element only reads it’s individual label, not the group label for the radio buttons." Their recommendation is to "Associate full group label text." I've tested it with JAWS 2021 and it reads the question, states each option, its number out of total options, and whether it's checked or not. I had thought that's what they were talking about, but this was all working correctly.

I spoke with a web developer who told me she thinks they want the html to read a label for each radio button option. For example, name="question1" would be read for each option. We both looked at Storyline for a while and didn't see a way to add this in, and we don't even know for sure that this is what they're looking for. They've marked the issue as "serious" and I think we're going to have to go back to them and ask for more details on what they're looking for, but if it's in fact adding labels in html, I'm at a loss as to how this could be done. Has anyone else has ever gotten this kind of feedback or have any idea what I can do to fix it? 

Questions are written as freeform quizzes in Articulate 360. I would be so grateful for any suggestions!

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Kristen Llobrera

Providing a bit more info, we were finally able to replicate the problem using SiteImprove. My understanding is that this is an html validation issue and that Storyline isn't providing the tags to each of the elements as is recommended. This site explains more. 

Again, I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this? And is this something that will be fixed so that either the html can be edited to include the tags, or better yet, it's done automatically?