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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bruce!

Seems that this is an incompatibility between JAWS and Edge, not specific to Storyline.

For web browsing, Microsoft recommends that users of assistive technology avoid the new default Edge browser at this time and switch to Internet Explorer or another browser you may have used in Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.

Full Article here.

Emily Hinteregger

I am in need of guidance. I work for a University and accessibility is the #1 concern with creation of interactions within Storyline. I am working on a project currently where they would really like tabbed interactions from Storyline. Orginally we also had drag and drop activities but I removed them after receiving the feedback that they were not at all accessible. 

This is the feedback that I received about interaction with screen readers from the director of accessibility at the university after sending him a very basic tabbed interaction. I had removed all alt-tags from any decorative objects, only labeling the items that were clickable and the text that needed to be read. I published to Review 360 using the modern player and HTML5.

This is all the feedback I received:

Articulate relies on Flash, which is often a detriment to accessibility in itself - that is the case with these interaction
Play button does not have a label - user hears "untitled 0 button."
Activation of the unlabeled play button (pressing enter) does not automatically launch the next slide
The slide advances once the user presses the Control key after pressing the enter key (this is nonstandard)
When the new slide loads, there is no notification that a new slide has loaded
visually the user sees "click each phase to learn more," [this is the alternate text I added to any button or hotspot that opened a new layer] but there is not audible indication that something has occurred.
The buttons for each of the reactions are not read in the same order as presented visually [I now know how to fix this]
Upon attempted activation of one of the reactions, the screen reader is forced into forms mode and the item does not get activated.
Windows-based screen readers are unable to activate the buttons (NVDA and JAWS)
Keyboard only user would not be able activate the reactions either (there is no focus indicator, nor do the buttons seem to receive focus)
I'm about ready to have University scrap their Storyline subscription in favor of something accessible to screen readers (check your Universities requirements and I bet you too will need to switch to a different software), unless there is a solution to all of these issues. It seems like these are mostly back-end issues that I can't address, is that correct? 

If there is a solution - I have not found it - and would love a play-by-play.

Thanks in advance

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