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Hi - I have an interaction with Incorrect layers, and a Correct layer. On the Incorrect layer all I have is a rectangle with a close link. That is working fine - when I enter TAB it tabs to and highlights this one thing. This has a hide layer trigger which is working fine as well. 

The Correct layer is a problem though. On this layer I have the same thing as on the Incorrect but also have a separate graphic with a go to next slide trigger. For this (Correct) layer, the first entry of Tab takes me to the Next button, even though it is lower in my tab order. I then must tab (enter Tab) five times before it highlights the main item (the rectangle with Correct). (There is nothing else on the screen, and thus nothing else highlights, but I must continue to enter Tab.) My layer settings are set to not allow the user to click the base layer and to hide all other items (see image attached). I even took the Incorrect graphic and recreated the Correct graphic from it, only adding the Next button to the layer. (It worked fine until I added that one extra button to the layer.)

Any ideas why my tabbing is not working correctly? Thank you!

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Amy,

I appreciate the details you provided as well as the screenshot! 

When using the Tab key in a Storyline course, it can cause a yellow box to appear around objects in your course. When repeatedly pressing the Tab key, the yellow box cycles through the items on the slide, then it moves through the player controls for the course.

This is an accessibility feature in Storyline that assists learners with screen readers, which you can learn more about here.

Just so I am on the same page, are you wanting to use the Tab key to progress the course or as an accessibility feature? 

Amy Nicholson

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your feedback and reply. I have solved this. Yes, I am testing for accessibility, but (duh) was not actually using a screen reader. I was only testing the tabbing function.

The initial thing that the screen reader finds (now that I have tested it with a screen reader) is the Correct box and text, just as intended and set up in the Tab order window.

What caused me to think otherwise is that the Correct box is not highlighted initially. But again, it does read. Then, the next Tab entry goes to my Next button (with yellow highlight), again, as intended. The five-tabs-to-nothing thing, was, maybe, it tabbing to other items in my browser, such as the URL. (I think.) Not going to worry about that anymore. 

So I'm good! Thank you.