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Christian Halili

Hi, Karl,

I understand that you'd like to customize your colour schemes to make the text legible. You can follow these steps to make button texts readable while keeping the original color scheme:

  1. Click Show advanced color editing to reveal additional color options.
  2. Use the Edit item selector to choose the portion of the player you want to change.
  3. Select Button > Text.
  4. Pick a color in the Color section.

You may also try the steps in this article to create a custom color scheme for your player.

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.


Karl Manning

Thank you.

Unfortunately, although button/text does change the colour, it also changes all the other buttons like the next button to black, which is then unreadable.

It looks like it is menu/background that actually changes the colour of the popup box itself. In this instance I can change that as I'm not using the menu.

Which now leaves the colour of the toggle switch. It is randomly using the timer/timer duration bottom colour of the gradient. Not the whole gradient, just one colour. 

This is madness Articulate. Image below shows all the different parts.

Random attribute settings



Lauren Connelly

Hi Karl!

Thank you for sharing what you're looking for with the Classic Player in Storyline 360. It sounds like you have a need for changing the background color of the popup box without changing the Menu Background. Additionally, you are looking for a separate setting to change the color of the toggle. Are both of these requests correct?

If so, I'm happy to share them with my team in the form of a feature request. I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. It's important that we communicate what additions our customers want to see Storyline 360.

Karl Manning


Yes please. It wouldn't have been so obvious if the text colour was the same as the resources menu. Both the popup and the resources use menu background, but not the same text value. The toggle colour in particular was a random find. I was only able to find it because it was one of the few colours left on the default.


Karl Manning