Accessible Content - A Suggestion for Improvement

Getting to and verifying whether or not the "Alt Text" box is checked or not is very time consuming, if you are doing both design and/or quality control for modules.   I have a simple suggestion that would make life easier.

Have a look at the attached pic.  To the left of the timeline I added a 3rd box. This box can be used for the following:

  • If the box is blank, it means the Object IS NOT visible to accessibility tools
  • If there is a "Wheel-Chair" symbol in the box ( or another symbol to indicate accessibility) it means the Object IS visible to accessibility tools
  • Single clicking the blank accessibility box would add the symbol and open the Alt Text Box allowing the developer to add text etc
  • Double clicking the Wheel Chair symbol would also open the  Alt Text Box, to allow editing etc.
  • Removing the symbol would require to user to use the DEL button on their keyboard

This should not be a major undertaking on your side but would allow a designer/developer of accessible content to create and edit accessible content much quicker and easier. Plus, and this is probably the big one, it would allow a much quicker turn-around when a designer/developer has to Quality Control accessible content.

Your thoughts? Comments?

...Steve Chorny

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