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I have more of a design question than technical but am hoping very much someone could advise me on that. I have videos that should be accessible where all the information is conveyed via lower third text. The audio is just music. The rest of the visuals are intended to create a more engaging experience for a wider audience but they do not convey any critical information.   I have a button with video transcript where all the text from the lower third is presented. Now the question: do I have to make the video visible for a screen reader at all if the key information is in the transcript? I was thinking of excluding the video from the screen reader navigation and guiding screen reader users directly to the transcript. Is this a fair solution?  I am also thinking of the best place to put the description of the video indicating that "the visual content is to create a more engaging experience and does not convey any critical information?" Would greatly appreciate any ideas.  

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Laura Berry

This should be fine, especially if the music would interfere with a screen reader anyway. A JAWS user might waste time playing the video and not realize there was no content. If you leave the video accessible, you could title it something like Video with Instrumental Music and Text, then you wouldn’t have to do anything special for the slide.