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Phil Mayor

Geert De Rycke said:

Just being curious Phil, Would then each slide have its own layer or would they all share the layer on the slide master (I fear the latter)

THe slide layer is specific to the master, I normally use this if I have a repeating layer I need to show such as help,or on a recent project ir was a video that needed to be accessible on each slide.

Geert De Rycke

Hi All,

I see the advantages, yet what I wanted to use it for, is for narration. (which is specific for each slide)

I wanted to create a narration layer on the slide master, which was triggered by a button also on the slde master

If the layer was visible on each slide, I only had to add the narration to it...

Now I need to create a layer and button on each slide...

As a work around, I've created a few template slides which I tucked in a Storyline template file. Each time we use a slide we copy it from the template slide... yet cumbersome if you need to change something...