Accessing multiple quiz results using java script

Dec 19, 2017

I'm trying to manipulate the results from multiple quizzes using java script. I'm attempting to read Results.ScorePercent and Results1.ScorePercent but am encountering an error that the path for Results or Results1 can't be resolved. fyi - This is my first attempt to use java scripting.

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See my response to your question in the Certificate Thread.  If the desire is to have multiple potential quizzes that a user can take, and your need therefore is to have one master results slide shown regardless of which quiz was used, you can do that with a "ghost" assessment. This would be most easily employed IF all your quizzes have the same total point value &/or the same number of questions.  Using a ghost assessment gets around the need to manipulate the quiz result variables as you don't have direct access to them.

Ray Guido

Thanks Owen. I agree; it would be nice if the quiz variables were
accessible but I'll take a clunky solution over having to create separate
courses. Thanks for the phantom quiz option. It should work.

Raymond P. Guido, Jr.
The Aspect Phoenix Group, LLC.
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