Accessing objects on slide master layouts

I have looked through other discussions and the training modules, but can't seem to find the answer to my question. I have created a master slide with 3 layouts all with a Next button, Previous button and Reload button (not on master slide). When I am on a layer of a slide and try to create a trigger to go to next slide when Next button is clicked I can't see the Next button as an object to select. How do I access objects on slide master layouts from the slides within the training? Or do I have to create the objects on the base layer of each slide? Thanks in advance.

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Garth Yorko

Whether or not to have the buttons on the base layers depends upon the course navigation.

If it is linear you can add the trigger to advance to the next (or previous) slide on the slide masters.  By linear, I mean no branching, the course advances from slide to slide 2, then slide 3, etc.  You can use some simple triggers to hide the button buttons using a shape that covers them and changes state to hidden when an event happens, if required, on the base layer or slide layers.

If the course is not linear, you could create several custom master slides, but it would be easier to add the buttons to the base layer.

Here is a sample of a linear progression:

I've attached the sample file for you.

Gael Christie

Hi Garth

I don’t think I explained myself very well. Please see attached example.

On the master slide layouts I have Next, Previous and Reload buttons on the bottom right. You can see them in the presentation slides.

In the main body of the eLearning I want to use each of these buttons to either restart the slide from the beginning or to move forward and backward. I have included the triggers in the base layer and Continue layers that I want. I can’t access the objects “Next button”, “Previous button” or “Reload button” from the master slide layout. What am I doing wrong?

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Gael Christie

Hi Garth

I can't seem to attach the file to a reply on your support site and it was attached to the previous email so not sure why you didn't receive it. It could be because it is almost 5MB in size, but that is just a guess.

It is attached to this email so please let me know if you get this one.

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Gael Christie
Business Continuity Manager

Garth Yorko

Items on the master slide are accessible on the master slide.  That means your triggers need to be on the master slide.  For example, Jump to Next Slide when the learner clicks the Next button.

On the master slide you have a couple of variable triggers for "Next_disable".  One make the next button active when the variable changes if it is = True, the other disablesthe next button if = False.

You can have the next button become active by add a trigger to a base layer slide:

Adjust Variable Next Disable = True when the timeline ends on this slide

Make sure this variable precedes the trigger to show the Clicknext layer.

But this gets more difficult because you are using one True/False variable to control the disabling of the next button.  Once it is enabled for slide (=True), it enables the Next button on the next slide.  

You could add a trigger to set the Next_disable variable = False when the timeline starts on the subsequent page, but that would remove the ability for learners to move backward through content without having to repeat each completed page.

That said:

An easier way is to leave the other items you have on the Master and remove the Next and Back Buttons.  Add them to each base layer and build your navigation triggers on each individual slide.  You will have a less complex project.