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I am searching through tutorials and forums, but haven't found the answer yet, so feel free to reply with a link if this has been answered:

We want our finished stories to be loaded onto laptops for our users to take home so that we can guarantee that programs work and not require internet/wi-fi. We have data we want to collect from the lessons that are completed, but I'm not sure the best route to publish a finished story in order to do that. We will acquire the completed data when the users have finished with the laptops. What is the best route for publishing our projects?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Virginia,

If you need to distribute your Storyline content for offline viewing, you will need to publish for CD.

After publishing, do any of the following to share it with others. (Note: Double-click the Launch_Story.exefile in the published output to view the course.)

  • Burn the published output to a CD.
  • Burn the published output to a DVD.
  • Copy the published output to a USB drive.
  • Zip the published output, and copy it to a network drive. (Users must extract the zip file before viewing.)
  • Zip the published output, and email it directly to users. (Users must extract the zip file before viewing.)

Unfortunately using this method will not track to your LMS or web server. You will need to check with them as to how they can track the content for you.

Here is some information on what Storyline will send to an LMS

Please let us know if you need anything further..