Accessing sequence drag and drop variables

Hello to the incredible support community - a definite final decider for buying Storyline!

I am having a challenge finding the base variables relating to sequence drag and drop ranking questions.

I am using sequence ranking  questions - "rank these statements in the most likely order" - and want to be able to restate user choices as part of the feedback on another page. e.g. 'You chose '1/3/2' but the best order is '1/2/3'. Here's why ABC is the best answer."

I can't find the variables, and even the options themselves "1-2-3" don't even seem to highlight so I seem unable to attach actions to where they end end. Are these available?

I note the "Submit" button triggers the action "Submit interaction", but the interaction then seems inaccessible. Since this is a new program for me, I may be missing something?

Help would be most welcome. Thanks in anticipation.


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