Accessing Storyline 360 Projects on a team subscription

Feb 16, 2018


I've been trying to find some information about accessing Storyline 360 Projects by other team members on a Team Subscription. We are currently working on a large scope of work and have contractors working with us. Will we be able to access and edit their work once they finish their contract? Is it possible to transfer ownership within Storyline? I found the information about transferring ownership in Rise, but wondered if the same applies for Storyline? This is a really crucial element for us as we need to all be able to work across all projects - not just team slides.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Philippa!  Great question.  Storyline 360 is a desktop authoring tool, and the work that you create will be saved locally to your C: drive.  To collaborate with your team, you can zip and copy your project to a shared drive or a cloud environment (like Dropbox).  Here is our recommended workflow when you need to work on your project with other developers.

It sounds like you know about the team slides feature, too, for when you want to share templates to maintain a consistent look across projects.  Let me know if you need any other help!

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