Accessing using IP address

Normally we distribute our project via usb, but we just got a request from a university library who want to have their students use the material remotely.  They say that normally their students log in using their IP address to the library server and then can access material.  I have published the project for the web and uploaded it to our website, but I don't know how to make the link between them and us.  Can anyone help?  Thanks in advance,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Frances! The way I understand what you are saying is that the students have a login via IP address to access the library server.  If you are publishing to web and uploading it to your website, then you should be able to have a member of your IT department tell you what URL you can share with your learners.  Hope this helps! Thanks!

Frances Steinberg

Hi, Leslie.  What you're saying makes perfect sense, and I know which url to share.  The problem is that the librarian keeps insisting that I need an IP triggered link, won't tell me how the students choose an item--before or after they sign in-- and won't give me the name of the tech company which operates their system.  What's more the university uses Canvas as their LMS, and I don't think the Storyline project will load successfully there.  I will try to reason with her once more to give me the name of her tech.  I just thought the process might make sense to someone who knows more than I do.  Thanks for your input,