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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

The built-in menu of Storyline's player will allow you to have it appear as a sidebar or a topbar tab. You can set it to expand/collapse as a user progresses, but if you're in need of something more specific perhaps you can share an example so that the community can offer ideas? 

You may also want to review this previous E-Learning Challenge to draw some ideas from 60+ Inspirational Examples of Custom Menus in E-Learning.

John Blum

Sorry for the late reply;  I haven't received the replies in my email like I have in the past.

Hi Ashley, I think the default menu actions in the "old" player should be sufficient.   The department managers of the people who will be taking the training are okay with it, so the organization's manager should accept that (hopefully).   I think Rise has an accordion menu feature, but the courses need to be developed in Storyline.  

Hi Alyssa, Yes, I've seen the new player.  I'm using the Articulate 360 trial version while waiting for the various approvals (very slow process here)  to come through and there's no option on the Player Properties window to select the new menu.  I would have liked to have used it, if it could be configured for custom colors instead of black.

Thank you both,