Accordion activity created in Classic style changed to modern style

Oct 24, 2019


I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to change an accordion activity created in a classic style to modern style. I greatly appreciate any help or insights! Really hoping for an easy(ier) fix!!!

I have attached the file for reference.




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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ann,

Perhaps I am just missing something here, but are you able to be a bit more specific about what you are after? If it is simply about creating a different look and feel for the activity, then it is probably a case of having to manually edit your slides to get the look you are after.

If you wish to use the same layout for several slides, the best bet is to sort out the first one, save it as a template and then use that as the basis for your others.


Ann Marie Remy

Hi Ned,

An accordion activity was created in a classic player style and then moved to a course that is in the modern player style. It has messed up all the layering of the accordion and does not fit the player properly. If you look at the attachment you will see the problem. I was hoping that would be an easy fix, without having to go through each and every piece to edit the images to fit the entire slide properly.

Hope that makes sense!


Ned Whiteley

Hi Ann,

Thanks for the update. I have now run the file in both Modern and Classic players side by side and appreciate the problem you are facing.

I am happy to say that there is a simple solution that may give you what you are after. In your current player settings you are using a Dark background. This is what is giving you the black border that gives the appearance that the accordion activity no longer fits the slide. If you change this to the Light option, you problem should be solved:



Here is the difference between the two:




Hope this is what you are after. :)

Ned Whiteley

Hi Ann,

I think you may have got a bit confused by my last post.

You currently have the slide with a Dark background and the solution is to change it to a Light one. If the rest of the course needs to be on a Light background anyway, your problem is solved.

I was more worried that you were going to get back to me and say that your client wanted the whole course to have a Dark background, because then you would have had to live with the problem.

Go Light and the problem goes away !

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