Achieving a "Completed" status within an LMS

I put together a Storyline project with three scenes based on language preference.  I've been testing it with the LMS but the LMS won't recognize it as completed until I view all slides (which defeats the purpose of having a language decision at the beginning).  How do I set the states of other scenes not chosen to a viewed state when one branch is chosen?  I can't imagine that I have to add the menu back and make sure our learners click on each slide even if it's not their chosen language.  Any advice or tips?

I hope this makes sense.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael and welcome to Heroes! 

If you're tracking by number of slides viewed, you'll need to lower the threshold of number the users have to view to allow the course to be recognized as complete. You may want to look instead at using a particular "final" slide that sends the results to your LMS - and you could have that slide appear in different languages by setting up each language as a layer and using a variable at the end of each branch to determine which layer would be show.