Achivements - set variable

Hi all, I would like to use a menu with achivements.

If the learner clicks on the first achivement you come to a submenu.

In that submenu I work with Buttons (see attached screenshot). Clicking on this button you come to the next slides working with hotspots. I would like to change the state of the Button from the screenshot to button_visited. But just in that case that you visited the last slide. I don't want to change the button to visited by simply clicking on it. For this case I have a variable (Number set to 0). On the last slide there is a "next" - button where I adjust the variable to 1 by clicking. With this same button I come back to my submenu. And then there should be the button from the screenshot but set to visited. And really just in that case you click on this "Next" Button.


My next problem is that I would like to use a same variable for the achivements. If all buttons are visited you receive the achivement.

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Walt Hamilton

The sample does exactly what you want. I think you want the mixed navigation, which allows the user to visit  submenus in any order, but does not allow them to advance until they have visited them all. You will have to add another trigger, to give them the achievement if all the variables are true.

Markus Stehle

Hi Walt. Thank you for your help. I didn't get it logically by now I'm sorry. I did the same thing (or maybe better I think i did the same) but without a text variable. I didn't get it why i need this text variable. Maybe you can have a look at my testfile.

Thank you very much

Walt Hamilton

Yes, you have done what I did. Mine may look more complicated because I added an option to visit sections in any order, and another one to require the sections to be visited only in a specific order, and still another to allow the learner to leave without visiting all sections. But what you have done is what you need.

If by "text variable", you are referring to the variable "Method" in my file, you don't need it. I used it to be able to show the different levels of locking the navigation,

However, you do need these variables and their triggers in your file:



The Boxerstellen_finished variable is the only reliable method you have of knowing that they have visited that section of the course. You will also need to add another trigger on the main menu slide, to do this: "If all buttons are visited you receive the achievement"

Do whatever action intended by "receive achievement" When timeline starts if Boxerstellen_finished is equal to true AND all the other section variables are equal to true.

Markus Stehle

Ok i think i undertand the method itself and how it works. But in my case it doesn't work. I click on the button und come back to the menu but nothing happes - the status didn't change. If i refer to the variable and put it in a testbox it always says the variable is false although i set it to true by clicking the button. Do you have an idea what is my mistake?