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Christie Pollick

Hi, Clint -- Sorry you are having trouble here. This is a known issue in with our QA team, and I will add your thread to the ticket. I will be sure to post additional information here as it becomes available.

In the meantime, as described here, we recommend viewing the HTML5 version of your course if right-click triggers are required. You can force the HTML5 output to launch by default by linking directly to the story_html5.html file in your published output (rather than the story.html file).

Hope that helps! :)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shonna,

Depending on the LMS you may not be able to directly link to the HTML5 output (for example I know in SCORM Cloud you cannot as it generates a launch URL). If you're unable to use a course link directing to the HTML5 output, you may want to instruct users how to disable Flash within their browser so that it'll use the HTML5 output instead. 

Shonna Falco

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for responding. We use SCORM 1.2 output for our Taleo Learn LMS so I don't know how/if we can link directly to the HTML5 file? I did try disabling Flash within my browser just for grins and the issue still exists. This is a serious concern for my users as we have a lot of systems courses that involve right-clicking.