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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Gini.  Thanks for sharing your .story file.

I made a couple of changes to the trigger on Rectangle 2 in Layer 1.

  • I deleted the trigger to change the state of Rectangle 2 to Disabled when the timeline starts; it had no conditions, so every time the timeline starts on the layer, that rectangle will be disabled.
  • Instead, I made the initial state of Rectangle 2 Disabled.  It will change to normal with the trigger you already created based on the state of the other rectangles.
  • I changed the trigger to jump to the slide's base layer to:  Jump to Slide 1.1 when the user clicks Rectangle 2.  It will only work if the other rectangles are selected because otherwise, it's disabled.

So you need the Rectangle 2 back "button" to be disabled initially.  Once the other rectangles have been selected, it will be changed to normal, allowing the user to click it and navigate back to the base.

Your modified file is attached.  Let me know if that works for you!