Activating button after two other buttons have been clicked

Slide one has two buttons to allow for two options. Click option 1 and you are taken to layer 1 and option two takes you to layer 2. Both layers have buttons that take you back to the main option layer.

I want to have a button become visible on the main option layer that will take you to the quiz only after you have selected both options. I have tried this several ways and I cannot make it happen.

If anyone can help, I have attached the project file.

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Brian Allen

To add one more here, since I already done the work, check out the attached .story file.

Here's what I did...

  1. Changed the default values of the variables you built (variable1 and variable2) to FALSE.
  2. Added a trigger to each layer so that when layer 1 starts variable1 is set to TRUE.  Same for layer 2/variable 2.
  3. Added a go to quiz button on the base layer of your slide and set it's default state to "Hidden".
  4. Finally added a trigger to your base layer to change the state of the quiz button to "Normal" when the timeline starts for that slide IF both variable1 and variable2 are equal to TRUE.

Hope this helps,