Active area for triggered button shifts when project published

I have set up a simple branching sequence in a Storyline 2 scene from a slide.  The learner will jump to specified slides when he/she clicks on either of two buttons.  The sequence previews as expected.  When I publish the project, however, the active area on the screen for the click action shifts entirely away from the buttons--to the right and slightly down.  I have the player settings to "resize browser to fill screen" and "scale player to fill browser window".  I saw the discussion from 2 years ago about ensuring Windows DPI display settings were not other than 100%.  I tried that suggestion, but the problem persists.  Does someone have a solution?  

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Denver White

After further troubleshooting, this issue seems to be related to use of the Microsoft Edge browser viewing content published with Storyline 2.   Note also that this experience may be encountered when learners are presented with an active button to "Resume" a course where they left off.

A colleague who has upgraded to Storyline 3 published the project for me.  I was able to view the published course using Edge without the issue--the active hot spots were aligned with the button objects.