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Oct 11, 2013

Hello, when I publish my course and try to run it in Internet Explorer a pop up tells me that Internet explorer has stoped a script or a avtivex controll from running and I can choose allow blocked content. Is there anything I can do to prevent this pop up from showing so that the course start automatically?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dennis,

Right...but I don't get that pop-up. On the IE Tools menu, I've unchecked Active X filtering and the story.html least the ones I've been playing without my seeing or needing to respond to that blocker. So, I guess that's why I was wondering if there are other settings that may be different, other versions of IE (I'm using 10.0.9200.16721), or other things in SL courses that cause the popup to appear.

If I re-check Active X settings (in the Tools menu), the story.html files don't play at all...I don't even see the pop-up blocker, despite the fact that I have it turned on and I have the notification bar turned on.

So, I googled the whole thing and it looks like at least some Active X settings can be adjusted

Use ActiveX Filtering - Microsoft Windows Help

Adjust Internet Explorer ActiveX settings

Dennis Hall

Hi Rebecca:

Yes, you can reduce security to allow the product to run without the pop-up, however, this is something most people do not know how to do and may be blocked from being able to do in a corporate or organizational network. So it is best to not get into that due to their organizational IT politics.

Their IT department may also get annoyed when they indicate people on the internet tell them it can be done. In my organization a request to reduce security would simply be ignored by IT.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dennis,

I'm aware of IT within corporate, having worked a gig for many years within that environment. In some cases computers were totally locked down (through group policies and other tools), in others where an occasional "intervention" was necessary for a job function individuals had a contact within IT, and in still others where some flexibility was necessary that was provided.

I guess that you and I will have to "agree to disagree" on what information we provide to fellow community members. Since we (or at least I) don't know what a community member's situation is within a work environment, what the "organizational IT politics" are, or even whether she or he may be working from home, I would not answer the question by saying, "This is standard for IE and cannot be unlocked."

Instead, I'd provide the information. I agree that it's probably a good idea to mention that if they aren't working from home, they should be aware that IT has a huge and sometimes overwhelming responsibility to the organization to keep things secure and policies and restrictions may prevent changes from being made. And I agree that if they ARE working from home, they should be cautious when applying security changes.

Tx for the dialog.

Caroline Ahlmén

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro said:

Hi All,

Question: Does this pop up appear only under certain circumstances...depending on what's in the course? Or perhaps depending on which version of IE? I ask because to date I've been able to open courses locally with IE without any popups. 

TIA for any info that would help to sort this out.

Hi All!

I have made two courses with the same content, one in swedish and one in english. It is only the english version that gets blocked. I can look at the swedish version without any problem. The courses has been uploaded to a server. 

Leslie Steele

I've just published a story and when I try to view it, I get the message saying "IE restricted this webpage from  running scripts or ActiveX controls," so I clicked "Allow Blocked Content" but nothing happens. I published the interaction to web and my files are on my desktop, so I understand from other posts that I can expect the message, but why won't the interaction play?  Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leslie,

Have you tried uploading it to a web server to play it? Local playback of Flash content may not play based on browser restrictions and security. You can read more about that here with some steps to help solve it.  Here are some other ideas for ways in which you could test the content if the local playback isn't working. 

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