ActiveX Object code reference in HTML launch file

Oct 28, 2019

I work for a Division of DSHS in the State of Washington. We have been using Articulate products to produce our online training for approximatelh 12 years. Recently our ESA ITS Security Department has identified that the ActiveX Object code reference in the HTML launch file is a "major" security risk.  This is apparently resulting in the discontinuation of Articulate products for online training production by our Division, and possibly escalating to others throughout the state.

Is there any way that Articulate can address this issue and eliminate the ActiveX Object code in the html files produced in online training?

Thank you.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Linda!

I see that you're working in a case with one of our Support Engineers, Shiela! I would suggest continuing the conversation in the case so that we can clarify any direct questions your IT department has. 

For others who have come across the same request, there's no other use of Active X within Storyline other than when you run the published output from your local drives.

Active X is not required as described in the system requirements.

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