ActiveX prompts with Storyline?

Nov 06, 2014

I have a Storyline file published to CD-ROM.  It's a simple training, and at the end the user can click a button to generate a certificate (triggers javascript linking to an HTML file added to the root folder).  It's a similar script and certificate that I've used previously for training delivered via Articulate Online.  However, the client is reporting issues when trying to generate the certificate - IE blocking ActiveX controls.  I've read through a few other discussions here regarding ActiveX, and I'm admittedly still a bit fuzzy on what exactly it is… just curious if anyone knows a way to work around these prompts?  It is my understanding that ActiveX is not something I can simply "turn off" in SL, but rather something on the user end that needs to be allowed in the browser's security settings.  Can anyone provide me a clearer understanding of this?  

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