Activities breaking after publication

Hello all,

I've recently converted some Storyline 1 courses (I didn't build) to Storyline 2. The upgrade forced me to redesign some triggers. Everything works beautifully in the Storyline 2 player. When I publish though, my activities don't function. The project I'm having the most trouble with is attached. The slide where the issue is most evident is slide 1.1



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Ali Goulet

Hey there Casey!

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file here. I published the course for web and uploaded it to Tempshare to test it in a web environment. I'm not sure I'm seeing what you're describing, everything seems to function well. Check the course out here and let me know if I've missed something.

If everything looks ok in that linked version, I'd first like to know where you're uploading the published output to in order to test it. If you're viewing the content locally rather than uploading it to a web environment, that could be why you're seeing some erratic behavior. You'll want to make sure to upload it to it's intended environment to ensure proper playback.

Keep me posted! 

Connor Tunney

Thank you Ali,

I do see that your version works perfectly. I am launching the presentation locally. I'll upload it to our host site and see what the result is.

As I said, the problem I'm trying to solve is on slide 1.1. There you'll notice an activity where you're able to use drop down menus to select different text to insert into the E-mail you see on screen. In my local version, the text on the base layer doesn't change (states) when an item has been selected. This problem is not evident in the published version you sent me.


Ali Goulet

Thanks for the additional details here, Casey. That makes sense, as testing locally can definitely have some undesired results. Let me know how testing on your host site goes! 

Also, if you ever need to test content without uploading, a great option is using Publish for CD and double clicking the launch_story.exe file in the published output. That'll be specifically formatted for local viewing and doesn't need to be hosted via internet. 

Ali Goulet

Sorry about that, Casey! When you say it doesn't work, are you getting an error message or is the content just not playing at all? Are you seeing this in multiple browsers? Just to verify, are you following the directions here for uploading it to the web? Would you have a link to it you could share here so I could see what you're experiencing too? 

Connor Tunney

I'm sorry, I'll be more descriptive. The drop down menus on slide 1.1 do not work as designed. You may select an answer, but the text on the base layer doesn't change to the correct state. The player loads and there is no error screen. They will not change the text on the base layer to reflect your choice. I have tried Firefox and Chrome with the same result. 

I am using Amazon's cloud service to host the file. It has a similar upload process to the video you shared. 

I am also running what I believe to be the latest version of SL2. 1609.3020

Link to presentation


Ali Goulet

Hey Casey! 

Yes, that's the latest update you're running, thanks for letting me know. I do see what you're describing with the text not changing on the base layer to reflect your choice. This appears to be an issue with the HTML5 output, as you've linked above, and not the Flash output. This issue is something that our Quality Assurance team is aware of and investigating currently. I don't have any updates to share or a workaround at this time but I went ahead and added this thread to the report. Since you're subscribed here, you'll receive notifications of any additional info as soon as it becomes available.