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Can someone help me with coming up with a way to create an activity where the user has to match the answer to the answer. 

I am familiar with drag and drop activities, but the issue I'm having is that there are multiples of the same answer that can be submitted to different questions.

I am finding it difficult to create something where I don't have to assign a specific answer to a question when another answer is also suitable to submit. 

Would appreciate someone's input on this.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Megan

Hard to say without seeing your setup but try using the freeform pick one (put two buttons offstage - called Correct/Incorrect) and use these two buttons in the form view. 

Using triggers to change the state of the correct button to selected when user clicks Submit on condition (add your conditions here) - this will return you the correct layer

Do the same for the incorrect button (in some cases it will work if you use the condition 'correct button is not selected) to show the incorrect layer.