ADA Compliance- I've added CC & Audio so far...


I have created a project that I want to make completely accessible. I have added audio narration to all slides and created closed captions. Do I need to set up the tab interactions as well the narration? Will the voices (audio narration & screen reader) overlap? I would appreciate any feedback on this.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adriane,

I'll have to rely on the community for specifics about ADA compliance - but I did want to share some information about the custom tab order you can set up. This article is about version 2 of Storyline.  Here is information that would apply to Storyline 3 (and be similar for Storyline 360). 

Also audio narration and a screen reader will play hand in hand if you're using both at once. So if the slide audio starts and then someone tabs to read elements with the screen reader then that will be read out as well. 

For more about our 508 compliance and accessibility options take a look at the information here.